What is The Best Tea for Headaches?

Tea for migraines is one of the most popular approaches to home headache relief. Although no tea is powerful enough to eliminate a headache, the right tea at the right time may reduce headache length. Tea consumption can be part of an overall plan to lower frequency, too.

What kinds of teas are most effective in helping with headaches?

Teas with Little Caffeine

Caffeine is a factor in many headaches, especially for people who consume coffee on a regular basis. Caffeine causes blood vessels to become constricted, which can bring on headaches on its own. Some teas, especially certain varieties of green tea, have high caffeine. You should avoid these and look for herbal or black teas that lack significant caffeine content.

Herbal Teas

Many people swear by aromatic herbal teas in helping them with their headaches. These teas can be made from things like chamomile and jasmine that are commonly used in aromatherapy. Most types of tea that you find relaxing may have a beneficial effect, particularly if your headaches are stress-related. Just bear in mind that teas meant to produce alertness should be avoided.

Weaker Teas

“Weak” tea is a general term used to indicate teas where a relatively small quantity of leaves has been used. Why would a headache sufferer be interested in weaker teas? It’s simple: Plain, ordinary water is one of your best allies in controlling headaches. By using just enough leaves to mildly enhance flavor, you help ensure you can get plenty of water – and thus, hydration.

Many people experience ongoing headaches that are related to lifestyle factors. They can often improve their symptoms by adopting a healthier diet and committing to more frequent exercise. Tea can be a significant part of the quest to improve headaches and feel better overall.


When a Better Diet Isn’t Enough, Get Professional Headache Treatment

As a rule of thumb, people have a tremendous amount of influence over their state of health and wellness. Sometimes, however, headaches can indicate a serious problem. This is especially true if they’ve been going on for two months or longer.

At the National Headache Institute, we strive to help patients curb or even completely eliminate their headache pain through expert diagnosis of the underlying health issue. Our medical staff is second to none when it comes to migraine treatment in Houston, Miami and New Jersey.

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