Aspirin Resistance to Headaches & Migraines

By Annette GallagherFebruary 17, 2016No Comments

People suffering from ongoing and repeated headaches may find that the typical dose of aspirin is no longer sufficient to provide relief for their symptoms. There are many reasons that aspirin may not be effective as a remedy to headaches, including resistance to its chemicals and poor diagnosis of the actual problem behind the headache.

Aspirin Resistance

Aspirin depends on chemicals that bond to your blood in order to be transported to the areas where they are most needed for relief. In some cases, the active ingredients in the aspirin may not be adequately bonding with blood to be transported, or the blood cells are somehow restricted from reaching their intended destination. This may result in poor performance and no relief for the headache.

Interaction with Other Drugs

For people who have multiple health issues or severe migraines on a regular basis, aspirin may be prescribed along with other medications. It is highly important that the patient takes all medications in the correct order and at the correct times of day to prevent interference with their effectiveness overall. If symptoms persist and the headaches remain undeterred, a change may be necessary.

Seek Headache Pain Help

If aspirin simply is not doing enough to treat headache symptoms or the headaches are becoming more frequent and lasting longer, it is time to seek the help of a qualified neurologist/
headache specialist. They will be able to determine the root cause of the headaches and seek treatment options that will resolve the nerve issues and other painful points to reduce the recurrence. They may also be able to look over the current list of prescriptions the patient is taking and identify areas where there may be conflict. Treatinga persistent headache on your own can be difficult and disheartening when aspirin is not doing enough to reduce pain and discomfort. Repeated headaches may be a sign of other neurological disorders or health issues that may be going untreated. People who find themselves resistant to the effects of aspirin should seek medical advice from a professional to isolate causes of headaches and to try other treatment options. In some cases, increasing dosage may be sufficient to resolve the problem, but more often than not, the answer will lie in investigating other prescription medications and treating underlying medical conditions to prevent headaches in the first place.

Miami Headache Institute

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