5 Pressure Points For Headaches


For chronic headache sufferers, searching for headache relief can feel like a full-time job. A headache, whether it stems from sinuses or tension, can have a serious impact on your quality of life. For many individuals, relief can be found through non-invasive, natural treatments such as pressure points for headaches. Pressure points exist throughout your entire body and are effective at relieving a variety of conditions. Several are headache relief specific and can be utilized wherever you are when your headache occurs. Pressure points are believed to stimulate circulation to a particular area. It has been used for many years throughout both Western and Eastern medicine.


Facial Pressure Point: Facial Beauty

Different pressure points can bring relief for different types of headaches, and the facial pressure points can be particularly helpful for headache relief that involves the front of the face.

  • Sinus headaches and pressure
  • Tooth pain
  • Migraines
  • Cluster headaches
  • Tension headaches


Performed by starting each index finger near the nostrils then pushing in and trailing down underneath the cheekbones, a facial pressure point called the facial beauty point can help break up congestion and relieve sinus pressure. In some cases, this move can also help provide relief from pain that stems from a toothache. Once your fingers have reached the base of the cheekbones, you can choose to hold pressure or massage the area gently for additional pain relief.


Facial Pressure Point: Bright Lights

Some headaches stem from environmental factors such as eye strain from bright lights or the use of electronics. An acupressure technique thought to help bring relief to pain and tension around the eyes is the bright lights pressure point. This method involves pressing on the brow bone directly over the inner corner of each eye and then either holding pressure or alternating pressure from side to side until relief begins. The bright lights technique can also provide relief to headaches caused by allergies or sinus pressure.


Facial Pressure Point: Third Eye

One of the most commonly used and well-known facial pressure points for headaches is the junction of the face between the eyebrows and the nose. Particularly effective for migraine relief, this pressure point is also efficient at helping to break up sinus congestion. As an added benefit, this pressure point might be able to stimulate the production of melatonin for additional benefits beyond headache relief.


Behind the Head Pressure Point: Gates of Consciousness

Stress can be the culprit of headache pain, and these types of headaches often occur in the back of the head and base of the neck. Luckily, pressure points behind the head can help relieve some of this pain. One of these points is called the gates of consciousness and can be performed by using both hands to cradle the head with the thumbs pointed down. The thumbs are free to provide pressure to the base of the skull on both sides and provide a relaxing, circular massage.


Behind the Head Pressure Point: Wind Mansion

The wind mansion pressure point is located in the hollow of the base of the skull and can be accessed by holding the back of the head with one hand with the thumb pointing down. The thumb can press in and hold pressure onto the hollow, allowing relief from stress headaches and calming anxiety in some individuals.


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