5 Helpful Tips for Managing Migraines At Work

By Annette GallagherJanuary 25, 2017September 30th, 2021No Comments

Millions of people all around the United States suffer from chronic headaches or migraines. A migraine is a severe headache that can cause nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. For many people, work is difficult or impossible during a migraine.

When a migraine strikes at work, it can mean trouble. By taking the right steps during the workday, however, it’s often possible to control symptoms. The faster you take action, the easier it will be to protect yourself and minimize disruption at work.

Let’s look at five effective tips for balancing work and migraine management:

1) Get Help from Your Employer

First and foremost, be willing to reach out to your employer for help during a migraine. When others understand the situation, they can help you. The sooner you communicate with your employer, the easier it will be for them to provide reasonable accommodations for you.

2) Stay Prepared for a Migraine

Depending on the cause of your migraines, you might have many different medications you use. Keep a supply of all your non-sedating medications handy at work. This way, you can take action as soon as you feel symptoms developing. The sooner, the better!

3) After Medication, Take a Break

When migraines are caused by stress, the worry you feel about experiencing one at work actually can make symptoms worse. Instead of dwelling on the issue, take a 5-10 minute break as soon as you use your medication. This will give it time to work.

4) Limit Caffeine, Drink Water

In addition to stress, migraines can be triggered by vascular changes in the head and neck. Caffeine causes blood vessels to constrict–a possible cause of pain. On the other hand, staying hydrated helps blood vessels operate more efficiently.

5) Reduce Lighting Triggers

Computer monitors and mobile screens can cause headaches after long hours of work. Be especially careful of large flat-screen monitors with intense backlighting. Some mobile devices have built-in lighting controls. You can use software to customize desktop monitor lighting.

When all is said and done, customized medical treatment is the best way to reduce migraine pain. At the Headache Institute in New Jersey, we use leading technology to find the root cause of your migraines. This allows us to develop a fast, effective course of treatment to meet your needs. Don’t suffer from migraines alone. Contact us today to get help.