The Top Five Best Exercises for Preventing Tension Headaches

By Annette GallagherMarch 16, 2020No Comments

By most estimates, tension headaches are the most common kind of headache in the United States. As the name suggests, these headaches are linked to muscle tension in the body – typically in the neck, back or shoulders.

Tension headaches can be debilitating, but certain exercises and stretches for tension headaches can help. Over time, if your headaches have no other source, you might achieve complete relief from your symptoms. If that’s your goal, read on!

How to Relieve Tension Headaches: Exercises for Tension Headaches That Really Work


Because of its focus on stretching and reducing tension, yoga may be the best option for any headache sufferer. Relatively simple moves like the seated neck roll or bridge position can be effective in getting immediate relief for mild and moderate headaches.

Go for a Walk

Light, low-impact cardio is another great method for clearing up stress headaches. Whenever possible, getting outside in the fresh air makes exercise more effective, since you are not always on a perfectly level surface. Avoid climbing hills with a headache, though!

Jump on the Elliptical

Sometimes, going for a walk simply isn’t an option. If this describes your situation, the elliptical trainer can be perfect – on a low setting. Elliptical machines have the advantage of producing a full body workout without putting too much stress on your legs.


Swimming is the ultimate low-impact resistance workout. It can tone your arms, legs and trunk without placing any pressure on your joints.

Miami Headache Institute Encourages Healthy Habits

Here at the Miami Headache Institute, we’re inviting our visitors and online readers to participate in Miami Health and Wellness Month. Good health habits can be crucial in curbing headaches caused by stress.

What should you do if your headaches persist despite your best efforts?

A sound, accurate diagnosis is essential to bidding headache pain goodbye. Set an appointment with us on Zocdoc and you’ll have access to the most powerful headache treatment techniques and technology. Many of our patients achieve permanent relief from their headaches.

We look forward to helping you reach a pain-free future!