The Five Best Headache Trackers and Tools

By Annette GallagherMarch 31, 2017No Comments

The vast majority of American adults today own a smartphone capable of using apps. What was a fresh, new technology only a few years ago is now ubiquitous. There are apps out there for every purpose under the sun. It should come as no surprise, then, that you’ll find a number of headache-related apps – including several headache tracker programs.

Migraine Buddy

Available for both iPhone and Android, Migraine Buddy makes it easy to apply neuroscience to the challenge of tracking and avoiding headaches. Its advanced tracking options help to identify migraine triggers, track symptom severity and duration and even consider treatment options. It is designed to empower migraine sufferers to truly take control of their condition.


Originally one of the most popular headache applications for iPhone and Blackberry, iHeadache is the solution for those who want a free, web-based headache diary that can also interact with their phone. It provides an ultra-long migraine history compared to other options. You can send it straight to your doctor along with information on your headache medication use and more.

MedZam Headache Migraine Symptom Checker

MedZam focuses on distinguishing between the different kinds of headaches you might get and their underlying sources. It is a terrific way to gather important data before seeking treatment for headaches. It’s also a helpful tool for people who experience very severe headaches – it can alert you to situations where a headache may require emergency attention.

Manage My Pain

Manage My Pain stands out by creating sophisticated charts and graphs that offer deep insight into your headaches. Many people have used Manage My Pain to improve their collaboration with doctors. The reports are so detailed they can be submitted to insurance agencies.

Migraine Coach

Migraine Coach focuses on using your data to provide you with preventive warnings that might let you decrease the severity or duration of headaches. It provides customized advice to replace habits that might trigger migraine headaches with more healthy ones.

Wondering how to get rid of a headache?

True headache relief comes from the right treatment for your condition. Migraines can be caused by a wide variety of underlying problems. Here at Houston Headache Institute, we use world-class diagnostic techniques to develop a customized wellness plan especially suited to your situation. That’s the key to a pain-free future.

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