Why we are different:

  At National Headache Institute, we take headache diagnosis a step further. We do not stop at giving your headache a name and description. We believe that there is a cause for everything. That means even the headaches classified as primary by IHS have a cause. That is where we are different from all other headache centers. We search for the underlying cause of your headache and we tailor a treatment that is fit to your needs. Most of the time this treatment may not even include a medication. In order to truly appreciate our unique approach to headache diagnosis and its treatment come in and let one of our doctors help you take back control of your life again.  


  A short list of famous people who have suffered from migraines includes psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Roman emperor Julius Caesar, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, U.S. soccer player Michelle Akers, and Los Angeles Laker Kareem Abdul Jabbar. If you’re a long-time headache sufferer, chances are you’ve tried everything under the sun to get your pain under control. In that case, you are just like most, if not all, of our patients. There is effective migraine treatment in Houston, Miami, and New Jersey if you have not been able to get the relief you need. At the National Headache Institute, we start where every other doctor stops. Our philosophy is simply that migraines and headaches are a symptom and not a condition. Therefore, we will look for the source of the pain. Once properly diagnosed, we will tailor a treatment to your needs. By treating the cause, we will automatically eliminate the symptom, i.e. the headache and migraine. We do not simply mask the pain with medication, surgery, or neurostimulators. We treat the root cause of the migraine.  

In-Depth Diagnostics

  Whether you suffer from migraines or other headache syndromes, odds are there is another culprit causing these painful headaches. Our team of specialists will spend a lot of time asking you the right questions about your health, habits, and lifestyle to help figure out the root cause of your headache and address any underlying medical conditions. We use the latest in diagnostic technology to tailor a non-invasive treatment plan that is individual to you and your condition. It is important to realize how the tests are done (technical aspect) and how they are interpreted makes all the difference in the world.  

A Record of Excellence

  The National Headache Institute is the leading center for migraine treatment in Houston, Miami, and New Jersey. Our team of headache specialists sees a low volume of patients ensuring that you get the time and attention you deserve. We never just mask the pain with medications, nor do we recommend invasive procedures such as surgery or neurostimulator implants. We work with our patients to ensure they live a pain-free life unencumbered by headaches. We have helped thousands of patients become headaches and migraine-free and get their life back. Most of these patients have had failed all other treatments with other centers and doctors. If you need to get your headaches under control, contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve lasting pain relief.