Rebecca Geck, FNP-BC

Having practiced clinically for over seven years, Rebecca “Becky” is a nurse practitioner with a proven commitment to the patient-centered approach to medicine we value at the National Headache Institute. Becky completed her clinical education in a dual MSN/MPH program at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Following an in-depth training program under the guidance of our clinical director, Payman Sadeghi, MD, has been able to expand on her professional experience, mastering the diagnostic practices and clinical techniques used at our center to ensure complete and competent clinical care while establishing herself as an expert in the field of headache and migraine medicine.

A veteran triathlete, having successfully completed an Ironman competition, Becky knows firsthand how an active lifestyle can take its toll on the body. Since joining our team Becky has become a strong advocate for our non-surgical, no medication approach to treatment using the same holistic approach to patient care that she wants to see as a patient.

Complimenting her professional responsibilities Becky is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau international honor society and involved in the Galveston Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses. When not at work, Becky enjoys spending time with her family, soccer and renovating her historic home.

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